Terry and the Future of the World


This story is about the future.

Terry has been asked to try out a new time travel machine. He is to go 1,000 years into the future to see what the world will be like at that time.

This strange adventure takes him to TWO very different future places. He is disappointed with the first place he visits. There he finds the people unhappy and unhealthy. There is no fossil fuel available; it has all been used up. There is pollution of the water and air. Terry does what he can do to help but he must return to the present day because he will soon run our of fuel.

To his surprise he does not return to the present time but in a very different future place. There the people are healthy and happy. They have learned to make fuel from crops and produce electricity from wind towers and sun towers. In this future world Terry learns what people must do to protect the environment and assure that the world will be a pleasant place to live in the years to come.

Upon his return to the present time Terry is determined to teach the lessons he has learned. He composes a little song to urge children to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” the things they use.


Adventures of the Terry the Tractor™ Series.

by Mike Rucker
Cover and interior art by Bob Burchett

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