Terry and the High-Tech Dozing System


“I’m the greatest dozer around. I don’t need to learn about any high-tech dozing system.” So states Terry’s friend Buster Bulldozer. Buster and another tractor, Barney, decide they do not need to go to school to learn new skills.

But, Terry is excited about the electronic equipment. He is amazed the amount of work he can do with the new system. Because of their new high-tech skills, Terry and another student, Travis, get to work on a nice airport construction job.

Buster and Barney, who lack the new skills, must do rough work in a rock quarry. In the end, they learn the hard way the importance of mastering new skills.


Another adventure of the Terry the Tractor™ Series.

by Mike Rucker
Cover and interior art by Bob Burchett

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