Terry the Athlete


Terry is a little tractor who likes to work. When invited to take part in a race he has some concerns at first. “I’m not an athlete,” he says. A friend assures him, “Everyone is an athlete.” Terry takes some time off from work to train for the new race.

A new friend coaches him to become a good runner. Terry finds that training is hard work, but he enjoys becoming an athlete. He sings a little song as he practices.

Another tractor, Buster who is a poor sport, makes the other runners feel bad. Buster says rude things and brags that he is the fastest tractor of all. This makes Terry determined to win the race.

In the end, neither Terry nor Buster win, but both learn important lessons.

This little book teaches the importance of setting goals, working to achieve them, and treating others fairly.


Another adventure of the Terry the Tractor™ Series.

by Mike Rucker
Cover and interior art by Bob Burchett

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