Terry the Smoke Jumper


Smoke jumpers are brave men and women who parachute into remote areas to save the forest from fires.

Tractors are important in fighting fires. They are used to bulldoze trees and to plow fire lanes. In this story, the smoke jumpers need a small tractor that can be parachuted from an airplane to help them. Terry is just the right sized tractor for the job.

Terry learns that fighting forest fires is the hardest work he has ever done. He also finds that he must overcome fear to get the job done. Terry and the smoke jumpers become trapped as the fire burns out of control.

Will Terry’s friend, Ellie the Eagle, and the “Water Bomber” come in time to save them?


Another adventure of the Terry the Tractor™ Series.

by Mike Rucker
Cover and interior art by Bob Burchett

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